About the ASP Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund was established in 2010 with an important founding gift from Past President Don Lindburg, with the stipulation that it be used for a new initiative in service to the Society and to primatology.  As the first Legacy project, the Board of Directors decided to establish a fellowship program to facilitate interdisciplinary training for an 'early-career' professional in primatology. Other projects are under consideration, and all will have as a goal, interdisciplinary training. The Legacy Fund is managed by the ASP Legacy Project Committee.

The first ASP Legacy Award was granted to Dr. Julienne Rutherford of the University of Illinois at Chicago, at the 37th annual ASP Conference in Decatur, Georgia. Dr. Rutherford is an assistant professor in the Department of Women, Children and Family Health Science and an adjunct professor in the Department of Anthropology.

Learn more about Dr. Rutherford, and other Legacy Award Recipients.


Donating to the ASP Legacy Fund

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Applying for the ASP Legacy Award

Apply for the ASP Legacy Award here: https://www.asp.org/grants/legacy/index.cfm