ASP 2019 Social Media Policy

 Social Media Policy at the ASP Conference


Social media is a powerful tool to enhance the speed and immediacy of
information exchange. It’s also a way to share the experience of being at the American Society of Primatologists conference with researchers who are not in attendance. We encourage you to use your personal social media accounts. We welcome live-tweeting and sharing of your experience at our meetings using the hashtag #ASP2019!
Social Media Policy for Presenters
·        If you DO NOT WANT your presentation shared on social media, state that at the beginning of your talk or on your poster.
·        If there are aspects of your talk that you do not want shared on social media, note those.
·        If you DO WANT your presentation shared on social media, provide your social media handle and affiliation on the title slide or poster.
·        We suggest including a QR Code on your poster that links to a digital copy of the poster with more information (
·        Use these forms to submit one “teaser tweet” ( and four summary tweets ( We will use the ASP twitter feed to share the teasers in the weeks leading up to the conference and the summaries during your presentation.
Social Media Policy for Audience
·        You are welcome to live-tweet using the hashtag #ASP2019 unless the presenter has requested otherwise.
·        Do not post photographs of slides or posters on social media without permission. Ask permission to post images and videos of people and data.
·        Use quotation marks to distinguish what a researcher reports from your opinions about it. Be clear when you are sharing research vs. your thoughts on the research.
·        Think about context – you are reaching social media users who are not at the conference (and may not be primatologists). Include all relevant contextual information.
·        Add links to papers/websites/organizations so that readers can explore the topic more deeply.
·        Be thoughtful about what you tweet. Do not share sensitive details.
·        “Do no harm!” If you have nothing positive to say, consider not tweeting about it.